Ford And Domino’s Self Driving Delivery Cars

What happens when you combine the best two things in the world? (That’s cars and pizza if you didn’t know)

You get a car that brings you pizza!

I know pizza delivery isn’t something new and has been around for many years. But, having a Ford Fusion drive itself to your house with a pizza that is as hot as it came out of the oven is new.

Ford and Domino’s Pizza are working together to see if you can automate the delivery process with self-driving vehicles. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is. If you can automate something like pizza delivery then you open the door to many other applications. What if you could load a moving truck and have it meet you at your destination across the country without it having to stop like a normal human would?

Right now the Domino’s Ford Fusion is being tested out in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. While out on the public roads it will be manually driven. Domino’s wants to test out the customer experience and if you live in Ann Arbor then you may see this car roll up to your house. Domino’s wants to see if customers will like walking to the curb and entering a code for their pizza for example.

You may see this really happen by 2021 if Ford is able to manufacture self-driving cars by then and it is a goal they are aiming to keep.

– Written by Alfred

-Photos provided by Ford Motor Company and Domino’s Pizza.

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