Focus RS FSWerks Short Shifter

FSWerks Short Shift Kit


I had installed this part on my 2015 Ford Focus ST. I loved the way it made that car feel. Both the ST and the RS have the same problem when you are shifting gears, that it feels like you are moving that shifter a lot to get into the next gear. Once the part is installed the shifter gets a more mechanical feel to it. It feels like how it should have come from the factor.

With this kit, you can place it on a 20%, 30% or 40% reduction in the throw of the shifter. I placed it on 40%.  It does take a little bit of work to remove the RS air intake box out of the way to get to the area where the install takes place, but once you do the install is simple. The part is $84.95 and worth it to change your daily driving experience.


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