Ford And Domino’s Self Driving Delivery Cars

What happens when you combine the best two things in the world? (That’s cars and pizza if you didn’t know) You get a car that brings you pizza! I know pizza delivery isn’t something new and has been around for many years. But, having a Ford Fusion drive itself to your house with a pizza…

Focus RS FSWerks Short Shifter

FSWerks Short Shift Kit   I had installed this part on my 2015 Ford Focus ST. I loved the way it made that car feel. Both the ST and the RS have the same problem when you are shifting gears, that it feels like you are moving that shifter a lot to get into the…


The biggest race in motorsports is happening now until tomorrow. You can watch it on the Fox Sports app if you have a subscription, or are signed up with a major cable TV or Satellite service for free.

MotorCarNow Focus RS


I had the Focus RS bug after driving around the 2015 Focus ST for two years. So I finally pulled the trigger and traded in the ST for a new RS. Hopefully, I will get to do some add-ons to it and show you what I do with it along the way.